Services From Bowman Turfgrass

Bowman Turfgrass Professionals offer a full range of services and encourage you to contact us to learn more or request an estimate.  We look forward to hearing from you and learning how we can help you with your lawn care needs.

Nutrient Management Programs:

We use only the highest quality fertilizers. Many of the fertilizers we use are the same brands that are used on golf courses. Choosing the right fertilizer is a crucial part of creating a lawn care program that will be successful to the overall health of your lawn. Using slow-release fertilizers are a common practice in our programs. Also using these products allows the turf to thrive and survive between applications, even in the harshest environmental conditions Michigan has to offer. We adjust the application rates based on the turfs needs and what the environmental conditions will allow us to do safely.

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Determining The Right Program for Your Lawn:

Does your lawn have an irrigation system?

This is the first and most important question we will ask you when determining what program is right for your lawn. This question allows us to determine what programs to discuss with you and what options are recommended and available.

Having an irrigated lawn provides many benefits as long as it is managed and used properly. I.E. Not over watering or not watering enough. Each season requires a different amount of water needed to keep a lawn healthy and thriving! We are always here to help provide watering recommendations. We also have an irrigation, maintenance and repair team that is trained and dedicated to making sure that your system is running at its best. You will save money in the long run when your irrigation system is functioning properly and your zones are calibrated to run and operate for the demand of each season. Call our office to schedule an irrigation start-up, blow-out, maintenance check or repair. We are here to help! (517) 518-8846

What Program Is Right For Your Lawn?

We recommend our 5 Visit Program for an irrigated lawn. This program allows us to spoon feed the nutrients to your lawn and take care of any pesky weeds for the entire season on a regular basis. This program is considered the sweet spot of the programs we offer. It’s just right for what a typical Michigan growing season provides.

We also offer a 4 Visit Program for the lawns that are “in-between”. What do we mean by in-between? A lawn that might have an irrigation system but the homeowner prefers to use it on an as needed basis, compared to a preventative watering schedule. It could also be the homeowner that is dedicated to moving a hose end sprinkler during dry spells to supplement some water, but doesn’t want to do it regularly. All of the above is absolutely fine! We are here to meet the level of care that you desire. The application intervals for this program are more spread out than the 5 Visit Program to avoid making an application when your lawn is under stress from heat and or drought.

We recommend a 3 Visit Program for a lawn without an irrigation system. This program is designed to provide your lawn with the nutrients and weed control needed to keep your lawn healthy and weed free. The application intervals are more spread out to keep your lawn healthy during and recover after periods of drought stress.

For added protection to your program, we offer a Preventative Grub Control Application as an option to add peace of mind that your lawn will not be devastated by grubs. We view Preventative Grub Control as an “Insurance Policy” to protect your lawn from devastating damage from grubs and other surface feeding insects.

We strongly suggest that any client that does not water their lawn during times of heat and drought to apply Preventative Grub Control. A lawn that becomes dry and stressed is more susceptible to damage from grubs and other surface feeding insects, compared to a lawn that is lush and irrigated all season long. Also, if your lawn or demographic region has a history of grubs or insect damage, you might want to consider a preventative Grub Control application, whether your lawn is irrigated or not.


What separates us from the competition is that we tailor each tank mixture for what weeds are present at the time of the application. We use many different herbicides, sometimes mixing some together to yield the best results. Our many years of experience gives us the knowledge to understand how each type of chemical reacts with one another.

This is not a practice normally followed by the big box companies or even some of your family run business, because it is very difficult to create these mixtures in a manner that is safe and will not harm your lawn.

There are many other factors that come in to play with creating an effective and safe herbicide program. Our program is proven to be extremely effective, even in a situation where the weeds are out-competing the turf.

We are always prepared to treat any weeds that are visible and present at the time of the application. If you think your lawn can’t be saved, please give us a call! We have rescued many lawns that were neglected or just in overall poor health in as little as 2 applications!

Lawn Serives:

Bowman Turfgrass Professionals takes pride in offering professional lawn care services the include lawn mowing. We will implement the right program for your lawns needs. Our goal is to make sure you are excited to pull into your driveway at the end of the day and see a beautiful and well manicured lawn.

Other Services:

We offer a wide variety of professional services! It’s not about doing it all at …it’s about doing it right and that is what we pride ourselves in. Our motto is, “If it isn’t right, it’s wrong”. We will make sure you are 110% satisfied with any service we offer.